Friday, September 7, 2012

Disguised Self Defense Weapons for the Office

Mace Pepper Pen
A lot of us don't want to make it too obvious that we are carrying a weapon at work. With non-lethal ones, this is actually very easy to accomplish. Because they come in many shapes and sizes, making them very discrete!

It really doesn't matter if you work in an office or on a construction site. It's a good idea to have a self defense item with you at all times, especially if you are a woman. Your co-workers will never know you have a disguised weapon. Unless of course you tell them! Try to keep this information at your work place, to yourself!

Pepper Spray Pager
You can take pepper spray to the office that looks like a pen, personal pager, lipstick or even a perfume! But pepper spray is not the only disguised self defense weapon we offer. If you prefer to have a stun device or as many people call it, a stun gun for self defense, we have them disguised as well! Stun devices come disguised as a cell phone, lipstick, perfume or even a chubby pen! Actually the pen looks more like a magic marker. We also would like to mention that most of our stun devices can pass as cellphones. They even have a belt clip or a holster... Many include LED flashlights and a Lifetime Warranty!

Check out the Mace Pen that actually writes! Plus, the Streetwise Pepper Sprays or simply browse our Stun Guns and Cell Phone Stun Guns categories, which are all perfect for the office or workplace. Have any questions? Feel free to Contact Us!
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