Monday, September 24, 2012

Police Force, Tactical Stun Flashlight

Tactical by definition means for combat or battlefront! This stun gun for self defense is just that. An attacker will think twice when you pull out this weapon!

It looks like a small flashlight, but shining light is not all it's for... Just press the trigger and anyone around you will step back. Unlike other stun devices for self defense, this Police Force weapon, with 5,000,000 volts, has an electrical charge that literally, JUMPS OUT! Therefore it's not just strong, but louder than other stun guns! Simply turn the safety off and press a button, to use it. Holding this police, tactical stun gun against someone, will ultimately have them on the floor with no muscle strength and total mental confusion! No worries, the effect is temporary. But it gives you enough time to get away. It also has a brighter than ordinary light, from 160 to 200 lumens, temporarily blinding an attacker, too!

This Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight, is a convenient weapon to carry in your car, as well. Not just for self defense... It contains a sharp edge in the front of the unit which is perfect to use as a window breaker. If you are trapped in your car with the windows up, this flashlight doubles as a window breaker. Crucial, if you are in an accident or submerged in water, and trapped inside your vehicle!

• Powerful: 5,000,000 Volts
• Tough Exterior: Military Grade aluminum
• Window Breaker: Great for car exiting emergencies
• Etched diamond textured handle: For firm grip
• Fast Action: Safety and trigger button can be reached in less than a second
• Rechargeable: No need for expensive batteries
• Environmentally Friendly: Light bulb life of up to 100,000 hours
• Holster: Nylon, with belt loop

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