Monday, September 17, 2012

Join the Battle Against Breast Cancer and Personal Crime

Two evils that women confront, on a daily basis in our country. But it is possible to survive from these two conditions and with some help, they can be taken down or avoided all together.

There is a new personal defense product in our store to fight crime, the Pink Pepper Spray 18% Hard Case! In this case, the pink symbolizes Breast Cancer, because a portion of the proceeds goes toward the fight against Breast Cancer. We also have other pink defense products in our store which help against this horrific disease, mostly in our stun guns category.
Pink Pepper Spray 18%

The 18% in our StreetWise, Pink Pepper Spray, indicates that it has that percentage of pepper in the unit for protection. Versus other similar products that only contain 10%! This crime preventing, personal defense item, can reach 5 to 7 feet and includes approximately 6 shots. This pink personal protection pepper spray also contains a UV Dye that helps authority verify they got the right individual in the event the attacker is apprehended. Plus, the unit has raised grooves in the front, to prevent slippage from your fingers and a handy key ring that can attach alongside your existing keys.

When you use this product for your personal protection against crime, you are also helping fight against a terrible disease called Breast Cancer.

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