Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Taser Models Available for Citizens to Carry

Citizens can't carry the same Taser police use for self defense. But they can pick from models that are very similar because they have some of the same features. Plus they are less expensive.

The 3 models available for personal safety are the Taser; C2, M26C and X26C. These weapons are considered to be non lethal. That's why most police around the world, have started to use them. Yet they are very effective in taking down a criminal.

self defense weapon
C2 Available in 6 colors
All citizen versions, reach a distance of 15 ft., versus police models that can reach 30 ft. They all use replaceable cartridges that shoot 2 electrified prongs, unlike a gun that shoots lethal bullets for self defense. All three models have Laser Sight, basically a red dot will appear exactly where you are aiming, this guarantees that you won't miss your subject! The 3 models all deploy AFIDs, which are shot with every cartridge. They are little identification confetti which help law enforcement identify who owns the unit in the event that it was stolen by a criminal. Which also brings to mind that in order to purchase any of these weapons for personal safety, you need to pass a quick felony background check! This is done over the phone or on the Taser website and only takes a few minutes.

personal protection weapon
M26C Available in black
A convenient feature about the C2, M26C and the X26C, that most citizens are not aware of, is that you can place them on the ground and they can continue to shock a criminal, while you can make your escape! Another feature is that you can also use it as a stun gun for self defense, if you use up all your cartridges! Just touch an attacker with the tip of it! PLUS, if your weapon is stolen while using it in self defense or damaged and you file a police report, Taser International will replace the unit, for FREE!

self defense weapon for citizens
X26C Available in 3 colors
Depending on the model you use for personal safety, you can also choose: different colors, attach a video camera, add a cartridge holder, add extended grip, download upgrades from the internet and even have a CID or central information display!

If you need more details, regarding model features, please Contact Us! By the way, all the C2, M26C and X26C models have INSTANT REBATES in our store!

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