Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Serious of a Rape Problem do We Have in the USA?

It's a very serious problem. To prove it we have some statistics for you that we find very discouraging... Fortunately, women can improve these statistics.

Women, especially young ones, think that they will never be a victim of sexual assault. Maybe because they haven't lived long enough to see the stream of rape reports or met anyone who has mentioned that they've been raped. The stigma, is so bad, that many of these crimes go unreported, as well!
We are here to tell you that, just as you fasten your seat belt when you get in a car, you should also fasten or carry a self defense weapon such as pepper spray with you at all times. With the exception of when you are at home, of course. Some might say this is very extreme... But statistics don't lie and the statistics are showing that women are more likely to be raped than the chances of an automobile accident to occur in our country. That's because this life threatening crime can occur in schools or universities, at work, parking lots, stairways, parks, alleys... The place or circumstances are endless. Perhaps you might say that men can also be victims of this, but unfortunately, women are the majority of the victims. What do car seat belts and self defense pepper spray weapons have in common? Well, they both may save lives. In fact, we looked up the statistics and this is what we found for the year 2009. Mind you, not all of these crimes are reported!

2009 U.S.A Statistics
Car Accidents:     10,800,000 (source: United States Census Bureau)
Sexual Assaults:  29,300,000 (source: Wikipedia)

Basically there were almost 3 times more rape crimes in this country than there were car accidents in 2009! The number of sexual assaults in our country placed us in 8th place, in the entire world.

So carry a pepper spray weapon ladies, and buckle up in self defense, as well as in your automobile! It's up to you, to change the statistics and not become a victim!

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