Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Affordable Mini Stun Guns, Up to 1 Million Volts!

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful stun gun, you've reached the end of your search. Our "Special Offers" category has just what you need.

Hottie Stun Gun
Some of our Small Fry Mini Stun Guns, for self defense, have been replaced by newer models, but that doesn't mean that the previous models were not powerful and great weapons too. All the Small Fry Mini Stun Guns on the 2nd page of our "Special Offers" category, are affordable and are under $30! They all have holsters and are battery operated.

Blackout Stun Gun

Within these affordable self defense weapons, there are 2 extra models. The "Hottie", which is pink and the "Blackout" which is black. These are powerful Small Fry Mini Stun guns, as well. But, they also include 6 LED light bulbs and they both are rechargeable! Unlike the previous ones which are battery operated.

You will find all the above self defense weapons on the 2nd page of our "Special Offers" category.

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