Monday, October 8, 2012

Sexual Whistles and Harassment by Men in Cities

Men whistle at you, while you are walking in the city and say, "Hey baby jump in my bed", "You can sit on my lap", "Give me some of that a...". You get the idea. Many women are victims of this and have to listen to it, on a daily basis.

Hollaback! website video. Click here to watch!
Most Women, no matter how old, what race or what language they speak, are sooner or later, victims of some sort of sexual harassment while walking in the streets, on a bus or subway. It's these constant comments from men that don't even know your name, but feel free to have a sexual conversation with you, by embarrassing you. Not only are there comments, but there's also groping while in a bus or train. For most women, this is intimidating and can be very scary, to say the least!

Some cities have laws in place to discourage men from doing this. Cities like New York and the State of Connecticut, which can penalize someone if they harass you constantly. In California, you have to be touched by an individual, in order for them to be penalized! But many cities don't have laws like these. They have harassment laws that only apply in the workplace, but not ones for the streets. It's important for all cities to have some sort of law, because harassment can turn ugly, too!

If you are a frequent victim of sexual harassment in the city, you might want to find out what laws are in place, if any! There is also a websites called, Hollaback!, which encourages women to tell their story and accepts donations for several changes that the organization is helping with, in the US and abroad as well.

You don't have to be harassed in the streets anymore by men. Know your rights, and if your city doesn't have laws in place, try to do something about it!

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