Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Advantages of Thicker Pepper Spray

Not all pepper sprays are made the same and using a gel or foam base product, can have advantages over the conventional lighter varieties.

Gels: Mace Large, Magnum & Night Defender   l   Foams: Mace Large & Magnum. Plus Streetwise foam

The most common defense sprays in our society are the thin stream, watery ones. This is because they have been around longer and usually cost less. But many people don't realize that there are thicker varieties that can be more effective.

What we call thicker, are the Pepper Gels and Pepper Foam varieties. The Gel kind, sticks to an attacker's face longer and are harder to take off, therefore they burn the eyes and face more. It causes coughing attacks and temporary blindness, since a person won't be able to open their eyes, due to the burning sensation! The Foam personal protection ones are similar in that, they also stick longer. But the main advantage of this particular substance is that it expands! So after you shoot a stream, it actually grows and engulfs the attacker's face, covering the entire face while it expands and penetrates through every portion of their face. Therefore it is very hard to take off, giving you an opportunity to escape. Similar to what a meringue pie looks like when you throw it at someone's face! Since both kinds of sprays are thicker, they perform better in windy conditions and actually reach further, as well.

We carry Mace Gel in Large and Magnum defense models and another of the same line, called the Night Defender. The Night Defender has a built-in bright LED light! This light also confuses a criminal and blinds them temporarily; a double whammy! Besides that, we carry Mace Foam, in Large and Magnum models, as well! But Mace is not the only brand we carry. Just like Mace, our StreetWise brand also is available in a Pepper FOAM 18%, which is reasonably priced.

Personal protection is very important, and now you are aware of the options you have as far as defense spray consistencies. We hope this has helped your decision on what personal protection product you would feel comfortable with!

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