Wednesday, October 17, 2012

List of Ways to Rape Women Found in Miami University

A flyer was found in the men's bathroom at Miami University in Ohio, with a title that read, "The Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape". Actually offering tips to readers on how to commit a crime against female students.

Photo by muohace_dc
The fact that someone or some group decided to place a flyer at Miami University, explaining how to rape females, is one of the most disturbing crime news we've ever come across. This piece of paper actually had instructions on how to go about committing the crime, such as; how to climb into windows, slit a victim's throat, focusing on women walking by themselves, etc. As it stands, women get raped more in university campuses, compared to women in general society today!

The officials at Miami University, called for a mandatory meeting for all their male students to attend and started an investigation on this rape instructions flyer. We suspect that if caught, he or them will just say it was a practical joke...

In this country rape is a very serious matter for women and definitely not a joke. Let's just hope that Miami University, gets to the bottom of this!

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