Friday, October 19, 2012

Over 5,000 Boy Scouts of America Cases of Sexual Abuse

Recently, the Los Angeles Times posted the Boy Scouts of America files, dated between 1947 to 2005. It shows names of accused individuals, dates, city, state, unit number and many detailed documents of the sexual abuse that took place.

Reading thru some of the cases was overwhelming and the horrific information database, spans thru decades! Most files contained information of about 5,000 men and a few women that were accused of sexual abuse and expelled from the Boy Scouts of America. Such as their physical description, profession, if married or single, children they had, etc. Also included in most, is the correspondence that took place inside the organization and outside as well, like information from the police or family members of the victims. Many individuals had long histories of police records, as well!

You can search through the Boy Scouts of America database by year, city, state, etc. There is even a map you can click on, to narrow your search. To go to the database and for more information, click HERE.
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