Thursday, October 4, 2012

Should Children Trick or Treat at Sex Offenders' Front Door?

We all know that you can go to your neighborhood sheriff's website and find out where sex offenders live. But how comfortable are you in having your children, knock on their doors, during Halloween?

Photo by hanna_horwarth
Back in the 70's there was the fear of razor blades in apples and poisoned candy. Now, many cities are concerned about sex offenders or pedophiles. For example, in a city in California, there is an ordinance in place that does not allow sex offenders to display halloween decor outside their homes. The sex offenders are also not allowed to open the door if trick or treaters knock. It also prohibits these individuals to light up their lights outside, after dark. Plus, the ordinance also requires sex offenders or pedophiles to place a sign on their doors with one inch lettering. This sign is required to read: "No candy or treats at this residence."

But these cautionary measures for children aren't only in California... In a neighborhood in Florida, a home association motioned to dispatch a security guard to keep an eye or monitor a sex offender's home during Halloween. In Georgia some uniformed guards were placed at a neighborhood's gated entrance, to distribute flyers informing neighbors, where the pedophiles lived.

There are some lawyers already filing lawsuits in courts, stating that these types of laws or ordinances, infringe on the First Amendment rights of pedophiles. What's your view on this issue? Is it worth while for the safety of our children on Halloween? Or does it go overboard and is it unconstitutional against pedophiles?

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