Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Carries Affordable Pepper Sprays

Our website carries all kinds of self defense products and if you are looking for reliable pepper spray, we have the latest and also the lowest prices available!

The brands we carry are; Mace, StreetWise 18%, Tornado and Pepper Shot. Our website offers pepper spray that can reach up to 20 feet away and some that have foam or gel, to help it stick to an attacker's face. Other products have lights for night use and there is even one that has an alarm attached to it! We even have powerful, yet affordable products that come disguised, too! Some look like pens, perfume, lipstick, a pager or a baton. Just search for these in our Mace or Pepper Spray Categories.

We take pride in offering, not just affordable self defense products but also one of the most powerful non lethal, defense weapons on the market today. Our line of StreetWise self defense sprays have a higher concentration of hot pepper, 18%, to be exact. Most other items on the market, just have a 10% concentration. Plus, a few of our StreetWise items, have some of the proceeds going towards the fight against BREAST CANCER!

It's simple, if you need a very powerful, affordable or 18% concentration self defense spray, just search through our website. We offer bulk rates, for those of you who want to buy items for friends or relatives, as well!

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