Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Personal Alarm for the Urban Lifestyle

Some cities in our country don't allow citizens to carry pepper spray or stun devices. But you can still deter muggers, criminals or even rapists with a personal alarm, in an urban setting!

Photo by Erik Daniel Drost
We all know that muggers, criminals and rapists don't like to attract attention to themselves, especially when they are committing a crime. If you live in the city, you might consider purchasing a personal alarm. One of the best available is probably one of the most affordable, it's called the Mace Screecher Personal Alarm. This affordable, Mace product has a 116 decibel sonic blast, but it actually seems louder than 116 decibels. It could easily be considered to sound as loud as 130 decibels. We tested it outside a residence, in windy conditions and it was heard inside, through 3 walls, loud and clear! The sound is from the aerosol it contains and it is similar to the horns you sometimes hear in football games, but with a higher pitch, ear piercing, shriek. This personal alarm is perfect for the urban setting. We all know that with all the city traffic, horns and conversations going on, a mediocre device would not do the trick!

The affordable, $10.95, Mace Aerosol Screecher contains 20 short shrieks or blasts and it's pitch can be heard 1/4 mile away! It's also small, measures only 4 1/4 inches long by 7/8 diameter round. The Screecher is not only perfect for deterring muggers, criminals and rapists in urban settings, but it's also great for kids in parks, to alert their parents, the elderly or anyone walking alone at night in the city! And… no batteries are required!
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