Friday, October 5, 2012

Ever Need to Step Out but Don't Want to Carry a Big Purse?

Many times us women just need our essentials such as our ID, keys, cell and a credit card, to go somewhere. But we end up hauling a big purse for our outing anyway! Even if it's not convenient.

Holster made by Body Glove
The older I get, the more practical I've become. One of the things that has always worried me, is putting my purse down somewhere and then someone stealing it. The less stuff I have to take, the better. Sometimes us women want to go to fun places and free our hands to eat, play or exercise too!

The fashionable Body Glove Holster with belt clip, is in our store because its convenient for carrying some of our products such as our stun guns, pepper spray or any other small self defense device. But I like to think about it, as being a handy small purse. This handy item has a belt clip behind it, so you can attach it to your pants, skirt or pocket. This holster's exterior is made of a rubberized material, that prevents slipping. It has a snappy cover, with 2 Handy magnets that keep this fashionable item closed! No zipping or pressing a button, just push it down and it's closed! Some parts of this holster are also stitched, giving it an attractive look. Plus, the interior has a thin, black velvety material.

Lets be perfectly clear here, putting things in your bra, is not classy!... So ladies, all you have to take on your next errand is this small convenient purse with belt clip and your absolute essentials, inside of it. Oh, almost forgot, this fashionable item measures approximately 4.5 wide by 2.75 tall and 1.5 inches thick.

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