Friday, September 7, 2012

Personal Safety Products Help Fight Against Breast Cancer

At, we sell 6 products of which a portion of the sale's proceeds, go directly to fight Breast Cancer. All of these items are colored in pink and have a caption on our website, under their written descriptions, that informs you about this important donation stance.

Stun Pen, Perfume Stun Gun, Strongest Stun Gun, Cell Phone Stun Gun, Flashlight, Keychain Stun Gun

The above personal safety items, not only protect us women from crime, but can also help us fight Breast Cancer! Five of these personal safety products are stun devices and one of them is an LED mini flashlight. Below is the list of links for these pink products who's proceeds help women fight this horrible disease, which has claimed so many of our lives.

Help Fight Breast Cancer, with the Pink Products Below:
Stun Pen 2.5 Million volts
Perfume Stun Gun 1 Million volts w/ Flashlight
Strongest Stun Gun 7.5 Million Volts Rechargeable
Cell Phone Stun Gun 5.5 Million volts Rechargeable
Keychain Flashlight with Snap Hook for Key Rings
Keychain Stun Gun 5 Million volts Rechargeable

Some of the pink personal safety products above, like the cell phone, have a black colored version of it as well. But we at, encourage our customers to pick the ones that will help researchers find the cure for this disease!

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