Friday, August 31, 2012

One of the Texas Gang Rapists, Eric McGowen, Jumps Bail.

It happened in 2010, an 11 year old girl was brutally gang raped repeatedly in Texas, by 20 adult and teen males. These horrible rapes were repeated during a 3 month period, in 3 different places and in some cases, were also videotaped.

One of the gang rapists, Eric McGowen,
who jumped bail and raped an
11 year old girl in Texas, in 2010.
Eric McGowen, one of the rapists, decided to jump bail this past Wednesday, after hearing the young girl testify in court. The girl, who's name was not given, due to her age, was shedding tears while describing what was done to her. After listening to her and watching videos of the attack, he apparently knew, that he was doomed to spend time in prison and perhaps for a lifetime. His bail was set for $35,000, but since he jumped it, it has increased now to $250,000.

So presently, we have a rapist on the loose, Eric McGowen, who jumped bail on Wednesday and is running around free. Due to the fact that he actually admitted to being guilty, Texas officials should have locked him and the others, for life! Sexual offenders are repeat offenders and they should never be let out of prison. Now, Texas police are searching for him, but with Mexico near by, they might never find him.

If you live in Texas or near there, keep an eye out for Eric McGowen. One of the men who raped the little girl and is pictured above! For more details on this case, go to the Huffington Post.

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