Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can You Buy a Refill for Your Pepper Spray?

Or have you ever heard of such a thing? Many women buy pepper spray for self defense and end up buying an entirely new one, when it's used up. Well, if you are one of those women, we're glad to say that there's no need to do that!

From left to right: Mace Pepper Pen, KeyGuard, Baton and Gun
Mace offers 4 self defense products that we carry, which have refills available! No need to buy the entire product again. These are the Mace Pepper Spray Pen, KeyGuard, Baton and Pepper Gun! Two of these items use the same spray refill canister; the Pen and the KeyGuard. The Baton has a thinner canister, due to it's longer shape. The Gun has 2 available cartridges; one cartridge that contains water for practice, and the pepper cartridge for self defense.

If you go to the detail page of any of these Mace self defense products, the refill information is in a link, at the bottom of the pepper spray's description, right below the price. Of course the Mace refills are also shown in the category listings as well, where you can buy them separately at another time. Plus, when you get your product, always test it once, to see how it works!

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