Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pepper Spray Disguised as Perfume

Ladies, this is the ultimate self defense weapon for you to carry. Take it with you when you date, go to nightclubs or on any other outing, including work or college! This is a device you can pull out anywhere you are and no one will ever know that you are holding a powerful weapon in your hands!

Disguised to look like a perfume, is what makes this self defense product so powerful. If circumstances are turning somewhat scary, just simply take out the perfume pepper spray by pretending you just want to freshen up, and then, spray it toward the face of that pushy person in front of you! It's that simple. The disguised pepper spray will burn their eyes so bad, that they will need to slam them shut. This will cause temporarily blindness, giving you an opportunity to escape from the scene! Not only will they not be able to see, they will have a coughing attack and their face will feel like it's burning to hell!

This disguised, 18% Perfume Pepper Spray weapon, comes in heart shape and is available in 3 colors; pink, purple and black. We also have a few left in the 17% potency. The 17% round shaped17% heart shaped and 17% triangle shaped ones are available at a reduced price because they are being discontinued. You may not find the perfect color or shape you prefer, but it's a great opportunity for those of you who are on a budget!

Plus, as always, contact us with any questions about this or any other non lethal weapon. We are here to help!

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