Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Do Mace Triple Action Sprays Contain?

Mace is a well known pepper spray brand, but many people aren't aware that some of their products contain TEAR GAS. In fact, they have 6 Triple Action models that do include this disabling substance!
From left to right: Fogger/Home Model, Leather Plus Model, Personal/Pocket Model, Police Model

The reputable Mace brand that has been around since 1965, was invented by a man who's wife was threatened on the street. Since then, the pepper spray they make now has been strengthened with tear gas and they have 6 products that contain it.

Mace TEAR GAS Defense Spray

The reason these self defense products have the word "Triple", is because they contain 3 strong ingredients: Pepper Spray, Tear Gas and a UV Dye. The invisible UV Dye helps police identify an attacker if they are apprehended.

This 3 part solution, when sprayed on the face or especially in the eyes, will cause a burning sensation all over an attacker's face. It will make their eyes slam shut, causing temporary blindness. The attacker will also start to uncontrollably cough and choke, due to the powerful substance!

Take a look at the 6 Mace pepper spray option links listed above, and select the one that's right for you!

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