Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mace Pepper Pen, Perfect for Self Defense in College

It's small, easy to carry around, yet offers you protection from crime. This is a disguised weapon that also writes, like an ordinary pen. No one will ever know the difference, unless of course, you tell them!

Photo by by Parker Michael Knight
Like all Mace sprays, this attractive pepper pen is reliable and handy for college students. This weapon, apart from having self defense spray and being able to write, measures only 5.5 x .5 inches and is also REFILLABLE! This is very convenient, since you don't have to buy another pen, when the pepper spray is used up! Extra pepper spray cartridges are sold separately. Plus, the Mace Pepper Pen, includes a solution with UV Dye, which marks the attacker and helps authority identify a criminal if captured.

College campuses are becoming more and more dangerous... It makes sense for students to have some sort of non lethal defense weapon. Women especially, are more vulnerable since studies have shown that women are 4 times more likely to get raped in college, compared to other women in society. Men also encounter dangers of being bullied or robbed on campus as well.

If you have a child, know of someone that attends college or are yourself attending, this Mace self defense product is a must to carry with you on campus.  But, we would also like to mention that you might consider it perfect to take to work or any other place, for that matter!

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