Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do You Know if the Money in Your Wallet is Counterfeit?

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It's a good question, isn't it? Especially with so many people, now a days, using cash instead of credit cards when they go shopping.

When you go to a store and pay for something with cash, especially if it's a large bill, like a $50 or $100, the cashier usually needs to check it with a special pen that detects if the money is counterfeit or not. Well, you can also do the very same thing, when someone hands you mula! Or when you expect some substantial change from the cashier, you just handed your money to!

Don't get ripped off, carry the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen with you at all times. It will come in handy whenever you have physical contact with real cash! This money pen detector is very easy to use, too. Just write a mark with it, anywhere you want on any bill denomination. If your mark turns yellow, it is legit mula, if it turns black or brown, it's a fake. It's that simple and yet many people are getting ripped off because they aren't carrying these essential money detectors!

Did you know that if you unknowingly give a counterfeit bill to a bank, they are obligated to take it from you, but you don't get credit for it? It's like you just threw your mula out the window, and you can't do anything about it.

Beware! Use the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen with cash transactions, and don't get ripped off in this already, unstable economy! It only costs $5 at our store and it's very well worth it!

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