Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pepper Spray for Outdoor Workout Protection

As more and more people become health conscious and have their workouts outdoors, the more they realize that they need personal protection. Here is where Mace Jogger Pepper Spray steps in!

Photo by lululemon athletica

I don't know about you, but while I exercise by speed walking and pass block after block thru my neighborhood, I can't help but think that some pervert might decide to follow me one day. OK, maybe I'm being paranoid, but better that, than becoming a victim. I carry my Mace Jogger Pepper Spray, during my fresh air escapades. Carrying pepper spray while I exercise, makes my workouts more enjoyable, because I can focus on the scenery instead of fearing for my life.

The Mace Jogger was made for the protection of people that exercise outside. It has a velcro strap that keeps it snugly and conveniently in your hand. It also has a key chain to attach your home and car keys. Not only is it convenient to have when you exercise, but it's also handy for when you are out and about, during errands, riding a bus, walking thru a parking lot or college campus. When you use this weapon, it can reach 8 to 12 feet away! It contains 18 grams of pepper solution. That's enough to shoot up to 20, short bursts. The flip top safety cap and convenient, finger grip handle, make it very ergonomic too!

So if you like to workout outdoors and are a runner, jogger, walker like me, or simply get around town a lot, this is the ideal and handy, Mace pepper spray to carry, for your personal protection!

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