Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Safety Package for Students Attending College This Fall

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Fall semester starts soon and college students are getting prepared. If you're a parent, you probably are wishing they get good grades and stay out of trouble!

We want you to focus on the "stay out of trouble" or self defense topic. Even though college opens an opportunity for your child's financial success in the future, it also opens him or her to violence, as well. Students now a days, need to carry a pepper spray, stun gun or personal alarm, when they attend college. Having a self defense item may offer your college student, personal safety if they encounter a threat. Get your child a pepper spray or a stun gun to carry around campus and in their dorm. Personal alarms are also very effective on campus, because most institutions have security guards or campus police present.

We also have a "College Safety Package" on our website that contains a pepper spray (in any color you want), a personal alarm with light and key ring and a Stun Gun Pen, that looks more like a magic marker. Any of these self defense items would be perfect for your child's safety.

Please let us know if you have any questions, by contacting us!

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