Thursday, August 30, 2012

17% Pepper Spray, On Sale for Only $5!

We have been selling 17% pepper spray for almost six years now, but they recently were discontinued, to make room for 18% sprays. So we drastically reduced the price of our 17% ones. This sale is only while supplies last!

Photo by rbrwr

17% Pepper means that these self defense weapons have a higher concentration of hot pepper than the average 10%, which is included in other sprays. They are hotter and therefore more painful on an attacker! The $5 sale applies only to soft cases, since the hard cases were sold out.

These self defense weapons can shoot up to 7 feet away and contain approximately 6 shots. They all include a convenient key ring, so it is always available when you open your home door or get into your car. Carry it in your hand in isolated areas or when you are walking in the dark, in stairwells, parking lots, alleys or any other area, where you might be confronted with danger. If you take public transportation, it's very worth while for you, to spend just $5 on a self defense weapon and make sure it is easily accessible, at all times. Many women, just attach the pepper spray ring onto their handbag.

Hurry, before these $5 pepper sprays on sale are gone! Colors left are; red, denim, brown and blue leatherette style holsters.

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