Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Affordable Alarm for Apartments or Studios

People that live in big houses aren't the only ones that get robbed or intruded upon! If your home is in a small apartment or studio and needs intruder or burglar protection, this is your best solution.

Photo by Alicia Nijdam
A recent study has shown that a large portion of the American population, consists of single women and men, living alone. Both sexes can benefit from the Door and Window Alarm (4-pack). Let's face it, most people who's homes are small, usually don't have money to spare and it would be ridiculous to spend an arm and a leg on security. Especially for just a couple of windows and a door in a small apartment or studio! Women in particular will benefit because they, unfortunately, can get the sexual assault intruders, besides the burglars!

Package includes 4 units
These 4 affordable, WIRELESS, little alarms, have a magnetic sensor that will sound a 90 decibel alarm or chime (whichever setting you prefer), if a window or door is opened by an intruder. They each have an on/off switch if you, for example, want to open a window to let fresh air in. They're easy to install in your home for protection and no tools are required! This affordable product is great for women, men or small families. Which brings us to the topic of toddlers. They sometimes like to wonder out the front entrance! These small alarms, will notify you. Children can also get into drawers that might have a weapon in them, you wouldn't want your child going into it either! Needless to say, they're great for security and are practical too!

The Door and Window Alarm is affordable, includes batteries and is easy to install and use, in a small apartment or studio. Don't pay more than you have to for home protection or security!

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