Friday, August 3, 2012

Door Stop Thingy has Improved!

Do you remember those brown little things, back in the day, that we used to hold doors open in our homes? If you don't, you probably weren't around in the 60's. But for those of you that were and even those of you that weren't, there is a new and improved version now of that thingy!

Since the 60's or before then, maybe even when they invented doors... people have been using door stoppers. The newest version of this thingy has evolved and gotten slightly larger!

The older versions of this item where mainly used to keep doors open, but the new one is primarily used to prevent intruders from coming in or just for privacy protection! It's called the Door Stop Alarm. Yes, it actually has an alarm that notifies you if someone is trying to trespass. The wedge on this item, prevents a person from coming in uninvited, as well. And of course, you can also use it to keep a door open too! It measures 5 1/2 x 2 x 1 1/2 inches and has a loud 120 db alarm. This home protection product is also convenient to take when you travel because it is great protection for hotel or motel room occupants. This Alarm is also convenient for college dorm rooms! Especially since colleges have students running around everywhere and sometimes there are, uninvited student intruders...

You can take this handy alarm anywhere with you. Unlike pepper spray or stun devices, it's totally allowed on-board air planes and has an on/off switch, to prevent it from going off if you place it, for example, in your suitcase. A perfect solution for privacy control in the home, hotel room, college dorm or anywhere else you might encounter an intruder!

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