Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Father's Day Gift: Emergency Power Supply and Convenient Car Jump Starter

Impress your husband or father with this unit that makes jumping a car incredibly easy. Will jump start a car 10 times!

No more dirty long and heavy jumper cables... In fact, he can probably keep them in his car's glove compartment! He will be able to jump his car without getting dirty and start his vehicle with no problems. It's called the Emergency Power Supply and Jump Starter. It even comes with a flashlight! See the incredible features of this Father's Day Gift below... Perfect for your husband or father!

Emergency Power Supply and Jump Starter

• Jumper Starter, will start his car 10 times, no help needed
• Includes a 30 hours flashlight, strobe, SOS and flashing light up to 90 hours
• Includes battery pack to charge his phone or other electronics
• It's rechargeable, can be juiced up in your car or at home, includes USB cable
• Charges most cell phones, such as iPhone, Android, Samsung cell phones...

It's the perfect Father's Day Gift for emergency power, hands down... Plus includes a strobe light too!

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