Friday, June 2, 2017

The Self Defense Stun Baton 12 Million Volts in Black, Purple or Pink, Only Cost's $29.95!

This baton for self defense, offers an extra 12 inches from you and an attacker. Men or women can carry them on their hip or in a woman's purse!

This unit is rubberized, so it won't slide from your hand. It can be used outdoors or for preventing home invasion, with a distance of 12 inches away from an attacker.

The unit that comes in black, pink or purple, can shock from the front end, as well as from the side shock strips, preventing an attacker from taking it from you. This unit is rechargeable by simply inserting the included wall charger in a wall socket. The Stun Baton 12 Million Volts, comes with a powerful flashlight that has a high, low and strobe beam! There is also a handy wrist strap with a disable pin. This is in case someone wants to take the unit from you. IMPORTANT: the unit will not work if it doesn't have the disable pin in the baton! If an attacker grabs the unit, the disable pin will separate from the baton and it will not work! Therefore he can't use the baton against you.

This self defense unit also includes a free nylon holster and measures 12 inches long by 1 1/2 inches round. It's also available in black, pink or purple. Plus it has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defects.

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