Monday, June 19, 2017

Portable Mini Water Filter, Perfect for Camping

This unit is perfect for the outdoors, it converts lake, stream or standing water, into clean filtered water!

Many of us go camping in the Summer and this unit is a must, to keep us hydrated and even to use for making some coffee or tea! You see, it has a powerful filter that can convert dirty water into drinkable water. Great for fishing, camping, scouting or hiking. This unit called the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump cleans the water. Using this simple unit can protect you from digesting protozoa, heavy metals, organic matter, smell, color, bacteria, viruses and more! Plus, it doesn't require batteries.

The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump is perfect to take when you go fishing, camping, scouting or hiking! Plus it's made to last, it's not flimsy! This incredible hydrating unit is built to last. It has a draw bar that provides durability and strength. Perfect for filtering outdoor water and making it safe to drink!

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