Friday, June 9, 2017

Father's Day Gift: Pen Knife for Self Defense

Pen Knife units at, are very popular. They look like regular pens, but also have a hidden knife blade, for self defense! 

They look like a pen... they actually can write like a pen... PLUS they include a 2.13 inch blade for self defense! Perfect for a Father's Day Gift... These self defense units are available in black, gold colored metal or silver colored metal. Since they look like a regular pen, your father can take it to work or anywhere he goes. It's a weapon that can be in plain site and nobody will know it's a self defense 2.13 inch knife! They all include a convenient clip, so your father can keep it in his pocket.

Give your dad for Father's Day, something that can protect him from attackers, such as a Pen Knife. He will definitely feel safer with this gift... No matter where he goes!

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