Wednesday, June 21, 2017, Personal Protection Package

Personal Protection Package Includes 4 Items Women Shouldn’t Be Without! A Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, Drink Guard and a Mace Screecher!

At with have a package that for only $48.29, you can get 4 units that are important for self defense. Below are the units that comes with this incredible package!

Pepper Spray - In soft or hard case, several colors to choose from.
Stun Master Stun Gun - 12 Million volts, also in several colors
Mace Screecher - Personal alarm that can reach 1/4 mile away to notify others
Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector - Confirms if a drink is OK to consume

If you or any women you know, needs protection, this package has it all! It won’t break the bank for just $48.29 and will protect your loved ones, such as women or college students!

Read more details about each unit HERE!

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