Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fathers' Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton in Pewter or Black

You've seen them hung on motorcycle enthusiasts pants, but they are convenient for men and women. They protect you from harms way by shooting out self defense pepper spray!

These units are perfect for a Father's Day Gift! Men love these handy batons. Not only do they help if your dad encounters a dangerous situation with an attacker, but they also shoot PEPPER SPRAY! Perfect for aiming toward a bad intentioned or insane individual. Your father only has to aim at the individuals eyes and shoot the pepper spray!

These pewter or black batons are very powerful. They are REFILLABLE and make a great Father's Day Gift. They're made with machined heavy aluminum, making them almost indestructible... Your dad can defend himself by using it against an attacker by jabbing, hitting pressure points or key flailing, as well!

Refills are also available for the Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton. So if he needs to fill it, he can use the Mace Pepper Spray Defense Baton Refill.

He will be surprised when he gets this unique gift that can protect him from harms way and is also REFILLABLE!

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