Monday, June 12, 2017

Father’s Day Gift: Extreme T6 LED Headlight

This unit is a perfect gift for Father’s Day. No doubt that he will use it for camping, hunting, cycling, fishing, or even running or walking! 

Your Dad will love this handy item that brightens up whenever he needs a bright light. The Extreme T6 LED Headlight is very convenient to have for any of his tasks. It has 3 LED lights: large T6 LED and 2 XPE LEDs! He can fit it over a ball cap, hard hat or simply just over his head.

This incredible headlight with 4 light modes, is perfect for a Father’s Day Gift! It’s adjustable to 90 degrees up or down. It even has a red LED light so he can be seen from behind!

With it’s 4 light modes and made of water resistant alloy, it’s perfect for camping, hunting, cycling, fishing, and of course, running or walking. PLUS, this unit’s LED light has 10,000-hour lifespan! Of course, it also includes a charger and two 18650 Lithium-ion batteries. Perfect for a Father’s Day Gift!

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