Friday, June 23, 2017

Wireless Child Leash with Pink or Yellow Wristband

This special leash uses your cellphone, when your child goes beyond his or her distance. You get alerted through your cellphone. Plus, also helps find items you've lost!

It's not only for your child or toddler, but it's also handy for a pet that is hiding somewhere, the elderly if they get lost, laptop and more! If the wrist band goes further than the distance allowed, it will notify you through your cell phone and it will also notify you with a 70dB alarm! Plus, your toddler or granny can also contact you, if they are in a predicament...

Of course, the Wireless Child Leash with Pink or Yellow Wristband, can also be used for other situations by removing it's wristband and using it on other things you might have difficulty finding! This unit is also great for when you go camping, on day trips and more!
Consider the Wireless Child Leash with Pink or Yellow Wristband. It will give you more peace of mind if you have a toddler and want to know where your toddler is or your elderly grandma... It also helps you find stuff you've forgotten where you placed them, such as a laptop, book or other items!

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