Tuesday, April 8, 2014

63 Year Old Twin Brothers Found Dead At Home, Three Years Later

We read an article yesterday, regarding the death of 63 year old twin brothers who died in their home 3 years ago and their skeletal remains were recently found on March 29, 2014. Neighbors had no idea that they had died.

Photo by Adrian Sainz/AP Photo
Both twin brothers were found sitting in their easy chairs, with no evidence of foul play regarding their death, so far. Investigation is still ongoing. In the last 3 years, nobody in the neighborhood approached the house, to find out if they were OK. Some neighbors claimed that the twin old men weren't very social and simply minded their own business. Oddly, their lawn was always mowed, and kept clean, during the 3 years…

Our question is how did neighbors, knowing that they were old, didn't approach their home to make sure that they were OK? Some people like to mind their own business, but this is an extreme case of a dysfunctional neighborhood! So what, if the two old men, kept to themselves? What's so hard to have simply gone up to their door and ask if they were alright? These people, knowing how old the men were, should have had the decency to keep an eye on them.

There is a lesson to be learned here regarding these two old men's unnoticed deaths… We all need to keep an eye on each other and chat with people who live near us. You never know… Your neighbors might be wonderful people that can fill your life with meaningful relationships. You might also need their help on occasion and they, yours!

To read about the 2 twin brothers's incident, click HERE.
Original article by ADRIAN SAINZ Associated Press.

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