Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prevent Sexual Assault With A Lipstick!

We aren't talking about ordinary makeup lipstick… These are disguised units that are really pepper spray and stun guns. Perfect for women's self defense.

Disguised lipstick pepper spray or stun guns are effective against sexual assaults or rape against women.

There is nothing better than to catch a rapist or attacker by surprise, by simply pulling out one of these babies. The criminal will think that you are vane and just want to freshen up! Surprise, surprise… Prevent rape by catching him with his guard down, with these women's disguised weapons! We have several brands to choose from… These are the popular Mace, StreetWise and Pepper Shot units. All are helpful in preventing sexual assaults. You can find these units on our website. Just place in the top "Search" section of our website; lipstick pepper spray… or lipstick stun gun.

These disguised lipstick pepper spray or stun gun units, are perfect for self defense during sexual assaults or rapes. The disguised pepper spray ones are for shooting at an attackers eyes and face. This renders him helpless with temporary blindness, burning of the eyes and face and constant coughing! The stun gun units are for close contact. Just touching an attacker, especially by holding the unit against his neck, will eventually knock him to the ground, make him physically helpless and in a mental daze! If you cannot reach his neck, any other part of his body will suffice!

Get more details by going to our website. Preventing sexual assault or rape, has gotten easier for women!

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