Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Don't Have To Be Wonder Woman Or Bat Girl To Defend Yourself!

Who said women had to go to the gym and grow large muscles for self defense classes? You don't need to train to use these babies. Simply pay $7.95 and then... point and shoot!

Women need to use pepper spray for self defense against a rapist, instead of going to an expensive gym to train for hours on how to fight and grow muscles.Now, we are not against women helping our bodies to become fitter… But, if you could protect yourself with a pepper weapon that was used by ancient chinese armies centuries ago and has been proven to be effective, why not use it? For only $7.95, you could acquire the power to make a grown, 250 or more pounds rapist, cry like a baby and become helpless! Just aim this Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18% CHR, at the rapist's eyes and face, and watch him suffer and be totally helpless and temporarily blind. This of course gives you a chance to immediately escape from harms way!

What are the features of these $7.95 units? Well, they reach 5-7 feet, contain 6 shots and have a UV Marking Dye, to  help police identify him if he's captured! All these units have a belt clip and key ring. Plus the expiration dates can be seen underneath each unit. Simply remove the bottom cap by pulling on the key ring. Plus, they are available in 6 colors.

Let's get real… Unless women workout 8 or more hours a day, lifting weights and have a 6 pack for a belly, their chances of taking down a rapist are minimal.
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