Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mace Triple Action Fogger For Self Defense

Triple action, means pepper spray, TEAR GAS and UV Invisible Dye, for marking an attacker. Fogger, means that is doesn't shoot a stream but rather a cone mist, like hairspray, for self defense.

Women need the Mace Triple Action Fogger for self defense, because it sprays in a cone shape pattern that requires less aiming, making it more simple to use.
We recommend this Mace Triple Action Fogger unit, for women that are not sure that they will aim easily at an attacker's face! This Mace pepper spray unit for self defense, covers more area. But requires you to leave immediately from the scene, because if there is any wind, it can blow back towards you! Most of the time though, women do run immediately from danger. So, we highly recommend this unit, since it covers more ground and you are more likely to reach your target!

The Mace Triple Action Fogger with 60 grams for women or men, contains 15 shots or bursts of pepper for self defense and reaches up to 8 feet away. It also includes Tear Gas which makes it even more powerful against an attacker! Plus, a UV Invisible Marking Dye, that facilitates police to identify an attacker, if he or she is captured. Also available in Home Model with 120 grams or 25 bursts.

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