Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Get In Tune With Your Fashion And Safety!

These beautiful pepper spray casings will help you defend yourself and make a fashion statement, as well.

Women can use the self defense Police Pepper Spray Zebra Holster 1/2 oz for personal protection and at the same time, make a fashion statement

These zebra patterned self defense units for fashion conscience women, all have raised velvety stripes, a chrome key clip with key ring and an attractive leatherette holster. They are called the Police Pepper Spray Zebra Holster 1/2 oz. They are available in pink w/black velvet, in pink w/white velvet and in gold w/black velvet zebra stripes. Perfect for us fashion oriented women!

Now for the self defense features… Unlike other pepper spray that have only 10% concentration of the hot substance, these police units have 23% concentration! All three of these unique units have a holster with an extra large opening section, so that you can shoot the pepper spray, without having to open the holster flap. Just place your thumb in the gap and twist the red lever to press down. Each unit for women, contains 6 bursts and can reach a distance of 5-7 feet away! Plus like all our self defense units, they have a UV Invisible Marking Dye, to help police identify an attacker or rapist, if they are captured.

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