Monday, April 14, 2014

Does Your Neighborhood Have A Lot Of Dogs?

Photo by Brent Moore, in Nashville's Dog Park
Most neighborhoods have dogs walking around with their owners on a leash. Sometimes, though, you see these pets roaming around on their own. The question is, are they friendly or not?

The Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray is perfect to carry with you when you walk around with your pet or yourself, to deter aggressive canines.Well you don't have to worry about them being friendly or not if you carry the Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray. It's especially made for canines and it's the humane way to defend yourself from a dog attack! Just like the pepper spray made for humans, but catered for canines, it temporarily hinders the receiver. But it won't cause permanent damage. Simply aim it at the aggressive canine's eyes, nose or mouth and as humans do… they will be in agony and with their eyes shut because of the pain it causes. Therefore, you will be able to escape safely. It's also great to carry by dog owners, because they can prevent fights between an aggressive pet that someone is walking and their own pet. Joggers, runners or bikers, should also carry this Mace Muzzle pepper spray, to prevent attacks. It's also A MUST FOR DOG PARKS, as well!

This Mace Muzzle with pepper spray for aggressive canines can reach 10 feet and contains approximately 10, one second bursts.
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