Thursday, April 10, 2014

Need A Stun Gun With All The Bells And Whistles?

This particular stun gun is perfect for people that need to conveniently have it all in one unit. Plus, it carries 4.5 Million Volts of devastation!

In today's society, having an item for self defense, is a must. A non lethal weapon that you can carry without a permit and can take it to work, college or simply hanging out around town. The Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volts Rechargeable, has everything you need for emergency situations, including an alarm and a SOS flashing light. It measures only 4.75” x 2.5” x 1” and it's easy to carry anywhere with it's convenient holster. But that's not all it has… this baby is multifunctional!

Stun Gun Features
- 4.5 Million volts of self defense
- 110dB Emergency siren or alarm, to notify others
- Ultra bright LED flashlight, convenient to aim at an attacker's eyes
- Red SOS flashing emergency light
- Disable pin, if unit is taken from you, it won't work
Carry a self defense stun gun that includes an alarm and all the bells and whistles needed for your personal protection!- 100-240V AC adapter with LED indicator
- Black nylon holster for carrying convenience
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defects

The ultimate self defense unit with incredible voltage, alarm and an emergency SOS light for women or men. A very unique weapon to have! Yet, it's non lethal and no permit is required to use it, in most of the USA!

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