Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pepper Spray Disguised As A Perfume

A woman should never be without one of these… This weapon that looks like a little lipstick or perfume container, is really a self defense pepper spray!

Us women are too often victims of crime in today's society. We can't go about our business without not carrying some sort of weapon. Logic tells us that killing a person in self defense, is really adding to the crime statistics. So, fortunately, there are non lethal alternatives to stop an attacker or rapist.
A portion of  the
proceeds goes to fight
Breast Cancer

Self defense disguised weapons are perfect for women, because they can use them without an attacker or rapist knowing whats coming to them! When you pull out the disguised Pepper Spray 3/4 oz Heart Perfume Shape 18%, it will look like you are simply going to touch up with a perfume container! What you're really going to do is spray them in the face and eyes with a powerful pepper spray that will make them cry like a baby and temporarily blind them! The pain, coughing and heat is so bad, that the attacker or rapist will have to slam his eyes shut. This of course gives you an opportunity to escape!

Details you might ask, about this disguised unit for women? This beauty, that also is available in a Round Shape, contains 5-6 shots and can reach 6-7 feet away!  Not bad for a pretty little container that only measures 3.5 inches tall!

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