Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Special: Soft Case StreetWise 18% Pepper Sprays For ONLY $6.95!

Women or men can get affordable self defense pepper spray with 18% concentration of the burning substance for only $6.95!If you need affordable pepper spray, now is the time to get it from our store. These StreetWise self defense weapons are being sold around this Easter Holiday, for the lowest price ever!

These self defense units are being sold during the Easter Holidays for only $6.95. They come in several colors and patterns for women or men. Plus, they are stronger than other units being sold. These particular pepper spray have 18% pepper concentration versus other that only have 10%! Colors available are: Blue, Purple, Red, Black, Pink, Pink Camo and Denim! Women can even make them match their wardrobe because they are very affordable!

$6.95 StreetWise Pepper Spray Features:
- 18% Of the hot substance vs. only 10% that others have
- Reaches 5-7 feet away, for distance protection
- Canister contains 6 very hot bursts
- Invisible UV Marking Dye, facilitates police identification of the attacker
- Incapacitates for 45 minutes, with burning eyes, face and constant coughing
- 7 Colors to choose from, includes denim and camo patterns

Self defense for women or men, has never been easier and affordable. It's incredible that for just $6.95, during the Easter Holidays, you can protect yourself and loved ones, from criminals, rapists and any other scumbag you might encounter!

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