Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Need Pepper Spray That Reaches Further And Is Hotter?

This self defense unit made by StreetWise, reaches up to 10 feet away and contains 18% concentration of pepper, versus others that just have 10%!

Streetwise Pepper Spray 2 Oz. 18% CHR contains 2 oz. and has 18% pepper concentration, versus others that only have 10%.
It's a 2 ounce unit called the Pepper Spray 2 Oz. 18% CHR, and is a requirement for women's purses. We live in a society that unfortunately is getting more dangerous. There are so many drug addicts attacking bystanders, to get some money for feeding their habits… It's no wonder that women not only have to fend off rapists, they now have to worry about the drug addicts or deranged, too!

This pepper spray for self defense measures only 4 inches tall by 1.25 inches round. As mentioned in the subhead, it can reach from 8 to 10 feet away and contains 10 bursts. It will incapacitate an attacker for 45 minutes. All you would have to do is aim at the eyes and face. This will make a drug addict or rapist, become temporarily blind, offering you a chance to escape. This StreetWise pepper spray will also cause burning, temporary blindness and coughing!

Once women spray a drug addict or rapist with this self defense unit, they should run away as fast as possible. Never stick around in a dangerous situation!

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