Friday, June 27, 2014

Do You Live In A City That Doesn't Allow Pepper Spray Or Stun Guns To Be Used By Citizens?

We know… it doesn't make sense in some USA cities to not allow citizens to use non lethal weapons, yet you still can carry a firearm, with a license.

You can't permanently hurt a person using pepper spray or a stun gun, but if you happen to live in a city or state that doesn't allow them, there are other products you can use. We sell personal alarms which are allowed in all the United States. One in particular called the Mini Personal Panic Alarm, is perfect for carrying around town.

Available in black or pink, this unit is tiny, about the size of your car alarm piece. It includes a loud 120dB alarm, to notify others when your are in a dangerous situation. But this unit is unique amongst other ones, because to set it off, you don't press a button, you just squeeze it! It's almost like an automatic reaction. Normally when people get scared or tense, they squeeze their fists. So, this unique unit in a way, is ergonomic! Just squeeze it's sides with your hand, and a 120dB alarm will let out a high pitched squeak that people around you will hear and know that it is a call for help! To turn it off, just press the button on the front. This button also activates the LED light. The pink or black Mini Personal unit also comes with a convenient LED light, mentioned before… Perfect to also use at night when you might need to have a little light to open your home's door or to find something in your purse. The unit includes a loop for your key ring and a clip, so you can attach it to your clothes, purse or backpack. It's also perfect for college students to notify campus police, if they are in a dangerous situation!

The unique, Mini Personal Panic Alarm unit with 120dB, is available in pink or black and batteries ARE included.

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