Friday, June 13, 2014

Buy A $6 Pepper Spray, It's Smaller But Includes The Same Amount Of The Hot Substance Larger Units Have!

It's just as powerful, reaches the same distance, has a belt clip and even includes a QUICK KEY RELEASE KEYCHAIN, that others lack! Plus, it's affordable, only costs $6 for your self defense.

Ok, so it isn't as attractive as other units or come in a pretty pink case for women, but in the end, a unit's appearance isn't what is going to protect you from an attacker. As mentioned before, this self defense pepper spray has a convenient, quick key release keychain! Most units for women don't have this handy accessory. The affordable $6 Keychain Pepper Spray allows you to use the unit against an attacker while your keys are still in a door knob or car ignition. This is important, especially if an attacker might be waiting for you to open your door, to get in your home!

This affordable $6 Keychain Pepper Spray for women or men, can reach a distance of 7 feet and contains 5 to 6 bursts for self defense. It also includes a UV Invisible Dye, to help police identify the individual, if he or she is captured by authorities!
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