Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Funny Demonstration Of A Stun Gun And A Taser!

First of all, it is ILLEGAL to give a child any of these two self defense weapons. This is only a demonstration of the power, the units have in our store. Stun devices are legal for men and women in most of the USA.

Have any of you seen the movie "The Hangover" that came out in 2009? This is a clip taken from the movie that demonstrates what happens to criminals, when a stun gun or a taser is used against them, for self defense.

Runt Stun Gun Purple 20 Million Volts is a non lethal weapon for self defenseAs shown in the movie, "The Hangover" class demonstration, a stun gun is used at arm's length, unlike the Taser that shoots two prongs that attaches to a person and can reach 15 feet away. If you notice, in the movie, the first two guys, where still on the floor for a good while. This is definitely an accurate demonstration in "The Hangover" film, of what happens when you use one of these units. Stun guns and Tasers attack the nervous system of the body and eventually stop the muscles from working, temporarily. This is when potential men or women victims, can make their escape from a would be attacker. But please, remember that the effect is temporary and you should leave ASAP!
Taser C2 is a non lethal weapon for self defense
Stun gun and Taser units are the perfect weapon to use because they are non-lethal. They also can be used easily by men or women because they don't have that "kick back" that firearms have. A Taser can actually be placed down on the ground and keep tasing, while you escape (for 30 seconds)! You won't go to prison if you use them for self defense, and you still get the protection you need from an attacker! Taser International will replace a stolen unit for FREE, if you file a police report of the incident.

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