Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rapist in ChristianMingle and Match.com Found Guilty

These crimes should give a heads up to all women, even if they don't socialize on dating websites. Including older ladies as well!

Navy Lieutenant Sean Banks
This rapist is a military man, Navy Lieutenant Sean Banks, who is 38 years old and now facing 40 years to life in prison, when sentenced.

This man has been charged with rape and two counts of forcible penetration, because there were two separate women involved. The rapist Navy Lieutenant Sean Banks also was charged with rape of an intoxicated woman and residential burglary with intent to commit rape. Both women apparently trusted him and invited him into their homes.

Navy Lieutenant Sean Banks used several aliases for his profile on the dating websites: Rarity, Rylan, Rylan Harbough and Rylan Butterwood.

Needless to say ladies, if you must use dating websites or any other dating services, make sure you don't invite a stranger and possibly a rapist, into your home, or for that matter into a hotel or motel room, without really knowing him for a good while. Plus, it might be a good idea if you meet his friends and relatives. Better yet, meet him with your friends or relatives around. Take your time while dating and don't hastily jump into a situation that you will regret later! Time is a good indicator if he is serious about you… DON'T RUSH!

Source: NBC San Diego News
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