Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mace Makes A Personal Alarm That Also Includes A Motion Sensor, Very Convenient!

Have you ever needed a personal alarm or one for your bike? What about using one for your purse or even for your home's door knob?

This item is so convenient to have… It detects when someone moves it, because it has a vibration or motion sensor. The possible uses are infinite! It's called the Mace Portable Multipurpose Alarm. You can use it in the office, at school, on suitcases or place it on top of your TV remote control for that matter!

This Mace multipurpose alarm is portable and includes a cable with a vibration or motion sensor. If the cable itself gets cut by someone, the unit will also sound it's 100dB alarm! Battery removal, will also set it off! Plus it includes a button for a personal panic situation, in case you are in some kind of danger and want to notify others of your emergency. This handy unit also includes a low battery indicator, as well.

The Mace Portable Multipurpose unit with motion sensor measures 2”w x 2.5”h x 0.75”d (not including loop cable). Great for personal safety and also to protect your belongings!

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