Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Do You Remember The Movie, "Night Of The Living Dead"?

Flesh eating Zombies were everywhere in the movie… We have one, but it's not going to eat you, it's going to protect you from rapists, burglars or any other kind of criminal that wants to hurt you!

It's called the Zombie Mini Stun Gun 20 Million Volts. This is the perfect unit for self defense. It doesn't matter if you are short, weak or handicapped, you don't need muscles to take down a rapist with this unit. Not only does it have an incredible 20 million volts but it includes 3 separate points on metal probes that makes it not only look more dangerous but it's LOUDER than other stun gun units. Simply firing it into the air, will deter anyone from getting close to you! But if they do get a bit too close, touching them with this self defense baby will stop them on their tracks. Best place to touch is the neck, but other parts of the body will suffice. The voltage also goes through clothing! If you keep touching them with the unit for 3 or more seconds, they will eventually fall helplessly to the ground, become mentally dazed and not be able to move. Of course this effect is temporary, so don't hang around. Leave immediately and don't look back!

Zombie Mini Stun Gun Features:
- 20 Million volts of takedown power
- Built in charger, just plug it into a wall socket
- Bright LED flashlight to aim at their eyes
- Wrist strap w/disable pin, if unit is taken by attacker
- Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
- Rubberized exterior for better grip & protects unit
- Free nylon holster or simply keep in pocket or purse
- 5 Year Warranty

Remember there are people in our society that act like Zombies from the movie; Night Of The Living Dead. They are the rapists, burglars or any other criminals. Take out \ your self defense unit and always be prepared, if you foresee any creepy situation!

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